What if I’m still skeptical?

You might be thinking “Whoa there! Slow down!”

When Paul shared his testimony and the Gospel to King Agrippa, he just wasn’t having it. He replied to Paul: “Do you think that in such a short time you can persuade me to be a Christian?” (Acts 26:23)

Maybe you feel like Agrippa. Maybe this is all a little too quick and fast here. Maybe you want to verify my sources. Or maybe you think there are other explanations of the facts we’ve discussed. It’s certainly true that there are other theories that are out there, I’ve only mentioned the most popular. The problem is you’re going to have to find a theory that explains all the facts. You’re certainly welcome to give it a shot, but I think you’re going to come up short.

Here I’ll share some videos you can watch for further study. One is a debate on the resurrection so you can hear both sides of the argument. The other video contains similar information that we already shared but in more detail.

I definitely would want to encourage you in your search for the truth. Just be sure to ask yourself: am I really biased against this? Do I feel threatened that this might upend my whole worldview and way of life?  I encourage you to be careful to not let your biases color the ways you interpret the evidence.

I understand that statement cuts both ways. Know that the writer of this site was once a skeptic, so I get it. Remember that if this is true, it is totally revolutionary and the stakes could not be higher. This is not something to be apathetic about. Suppose you hear reports that your house is on fire and your children are inside. You do not know whether the reports are true or false. What is the reasonable thing to do—to ignore them or to take the time to run home or at least phone home just in case the reports are true?

This affects your eternal destiny. You owe it to yourself to examine the evidence with an open mind and heart.

Is Jesus Alive?