Recommended Books on Apologetics

When I first became interested in learning how to defend my faith, I had no idea where to start. Thankfully, I had some help getting pointed in the right direction.

Here is a handy list of recommended books that will help kick-start your journey into Christian apologetics.  I tried to pick easier books, but there are some things here that will challenge you. That's a good thing! Your mind needs to be stretched!

I tried to list as many free sources as possible. The free resources are usually older works, but old doesn't mean outdated. Many of the objections made today against Christianity are recycled and have been answered hundreds of years ago.

These older works are goldmines, but your mind might need to adjust to the style in which they were written. No charge means no excuses!

Although I can't endorse every position taken in every resource listed, they are all well worth your time and money.


Books on the existence of God:

+ Mere Christianity, CS Lewis
+ On Guard, William Lane Craig
+ God's Crime Scene, J Warner Wallace
Reasonable Faith, William Lane Craig (an intermediate version of On Guard)

Objections to the existence of God:

+ God's Undertaker: Has Science Buried God? John Lennox
+ Why Does God Allow Evil?: Compelling Answers for Life’s Toughest Questions, Clay Jones
Contending with Christianity's Critics: Answering New Atheists and Other Objectors, Paul Copan & William Lane Craig

Historical Evidence for Christianity:

+ The Case for Christ, Lee Strobel
+ Cold Case Christianity, J Warner Wallace
+ The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus, Gary Habermas & Michael Licona
+ Can We Trust the Gospels?, Peter J Williams
+ The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable? F.F. Bruce
*Fern Seeds and Elephants, CS Lewis
+*The Four Gospels From a Lawyer's Perspective, Edmund Bennett
+*A View of the Evidences of Christianity, William Paley
+ Hidden In Plain View: Undesigned Coincidences in the Gospels and Acts, Lydia McGrew
The Jesus Legend: A Case for the Historical Reliability of the Synoptic Jesus Tradition, Paul Rhodes Eddy & Greg Boyd (intermediate)
+ The Case for Jesus: The Biblical and Historical Evidence for Christ, Brant Pitre
*Historic Evidence of the New Testament, Samuel Tregelles
+ The Historical Reliability of the New Testament, Craig Blomberg

Objections to the Bible:

*An Apology for the Bible: A Reply to Thomas Paine, Richard Watson
+ Is God a Moral Monster?: Making Sense of the Old Testament God, Paul Copan
Who Chose the Gospels?: Probing the Great Gospel Conspiracy, CE Hill
The Big Book of Bible Difficulties: Clear and Concise Answers from Genesis to Revelation, Normal Geisler & Thomas Howe
New International Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties, Gleason Archer

Answering other religions:


What Every Christian Needs to Know About the Qur'an, James White
+ No God but One: Allah or Jesus?: A Former Muslim Investigates the Evidence for Islam and Christianity, Nabeel Qureshi


Refuting Rabbinic Objections to Christianity & Messianic Prophecies, Eitan Bar
Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus, 5 Volumes, Michael Brown
*A Manual of Christian Evidences for Jewish people, Vols 1&2, A. Lukyn Williams


The New Mormon Challenge, Beckwith, Mosser, Owen, and Muow

Practical Apologetics:

+ Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions, Greg Koukl
+ Forensic Faith: A Homicide Detective Makes the Case for a More Reasonable, Evidential Christian Faith, J. Warner Wallace


If I had just $60 or less to get started, I'd pick up:

  1. Mere Christianity
  2. On Guard
  3. Cold Case Christianity
  4. Hidden in Plain View
  5. Tactics

As for the freebies, I'd start with Bennett, Tregelles and then Paley's magisterial Evidences.