Hey there! Intros are awkward, so let's get this out of the way.


Hi, I'm Erik Manning.

If you're like most of my readers, you're a Christian who feels a conviction to share their faith. But, if you're like me, you've found that our culture is growing increasingly skeptical towards the Gospel. According to many in society, Christianity is anti-science, intolerant, and based on fairy tales.

Not too long ago, I was sitting with a couple of co-worker friends, and the conversation switched to spiritual things. I started to share Jesus, and let's say that things didn't go well. They shot me to shreds.

One of my co-worker friends was an agnostic and thought that science disproved God. The other was a son of missionaries, but he lost his faith while he was in college and was now a Buddhist. Both raised objections that left me speechless at the time.

Rather than accepting defeat, this pushed me into looking for answers for why I believe what I believe. I was able to find a mentor who happened to be a philosophy professor and an expert on historical apologetics. He graciously put me on an intense self-study track and made himself available for guidance. I devoured literature, podcasts, lectures, and online classrooms produced by both Christians and skeptics.

As I did, my confidence grew tremendously. I'm no longer afraid of being asked hard questions. I realized that my faith wasn't just experiential but also rooted in history, reason, and even science. This blog is a product of my past and ongoing studies in this area.

I aim to help doubters doubt their doubts and equip believers to be able to share their faith in a skeptical culture.

I tackle issues like the reliability of the gospels, the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus, the foundation for moral values, ethical objections raised against Scripture, and other common skeptical objections to belief in God or Christianity.

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