Video: Who Wrote The Gospels? These 6 Ancient Sources Tell Us

Skeptical New Testament scholars like Bart Ehrman argue that the Four Gospels in our New Testament are anonymous. In his bestselling book Jesus, Interrupted, Ehrman writes:

“Some books, such as the Gospels…had been written anonymously, only later to be ascribed to certain authors who probably did not write them (apostles and friends of the apostles).”

But wouldn’t the early church be in a better position to know who wrote the Gospels than contemporary critics? I’d certainly think so, and as it turns out, the early church fathers were unambiguous and united about who wrote the Four Gospels. 

In this video, we look at the witness of 6 early church fathers and learn that the authorship of the four gospels wasn’t challenged for centuries. When they were finally disputed at around 400 AD, St. Augustine slapped down critics for their double standards. His critique is probably even more relevant today.


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