Peter J Williams Goes Full Thug-Life on Richard Dawkins’ Twitter Account with an Epic Thread

OK, so this was pretty good. Peter J Williams has a Ph.D. from Cambridge, works for Tyndale House and has debated the likes of Bart Ehrman on public radio. The man knows his stuff. He recently published a book titled Can We Trust the Gospels?. I’m halfway through it now and I’d highly recommend it to anyone just for the gold-mine that is in Chapter 3 alone. It’s really, really good. Anyway, whoever the brain trust is behind the Richard Dawkins Foundation’s Twitter account thought they’d try and tango with Peter.

Yeah, they asserted the old “Jesus probably never even existed” canard. You may have heard their arguments: There are all these pagan parallels, the gospels contradict themselves, they’re probably not based on eyewitness accounts, the gospels are written late, “shouldn’t there be a lot more evidence?”, etc.

Anyway, saying this stuff to a historian is like telling a scientist that adding fluoride to drinking water makes people stupid and docile. Anyway, Pete did not hold back in making them look rather silly, using their own methods to disprove that the Emperor Tiberius probably never existed either. Behold this thread in all its glory:

I felt pretty special when Peter liked my reply:

I’d definitely recommend checking out his debate with Ehrman, which you can listen to here:

Also, this talk here on the reliability of the gospels is pretty mind-blowing. A lot of it is in the material he covers in chapter 3 of his new book. It’s a great listen, but you’ll want the book to have it all in print so you can refer back to again and again:

Finally, if you like this kind of spoof on Jesus-mythicism, the 19th-century British logician Richard Whately wrote a whole book called Historic doubts relative to Napoleon Bonaparte. You can read it free here.

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