The 2023 World Series is a Myth

Is the 2023 World Series real? No, not at all. At least according to renowned biblical scholar, historian, blogger, and philosopher Kerry R. Ricardo. Observe these striking parallels from one astute X user. Surely these cannot all be coincidences.

Clearly, this is an example of what biblical scholars term a doublet, casting doubt on the historical accuracy of both reports. I mean, can we truly believe that both of these events occurred 22 years apart? Pretty unlikely, if you ask me.

Also, the trope of a snake killing a bird finds its basis in the legend of Aegypius. In this myth, Aegypius met his demise at the hands of snakes sent by the god Apollo, which took on the form of birds. This connection is reinforced by the state of Arizona’s flag, which prominently features the emblem of the Sun, and Apollo is the mythical Sun god.

Furthermore, the All-Star game happening in Seattle has a direct parallel in the fact that Seattle is also home to a Mount Olympus. Just as the gods of Olympus would convene on Mount Olympus for their celestial gatherings, our modern sports heroes are coming together in Seattle for a spectacular event. While baseball players may not be deities, they certainly dazzle us with their superhuman skills. Much like Zeus and his divine company, they are showcasing their athletic prowess for all to see in this grand Olympian spectacle.

It’s worth noting that in mythology, Zeus also took on the form of a snake when he wanted to seduce a love interest of his, as the attention of fans is seduced by the Diamondbacks alleged spectacular play. Clearly there are many tropes and parallels happening here.

Likewise, the tradition of George Bush, the former commander-in-chief, throwing out the first pitch draws inspiration from the burning bush, associated with Yahweh, the commander of the Lord’s armies, as it preceded the Exodus of the Hebrew slaves. Clearly this event is derived from our J-source of the Pentateuch.

Moreover, the Diamondbacks suffered 110 losses in 2021, and now they find themselves on the verge of a miraculous turnaround in the desert, just as Israel experienced miraculous turnaround in a desert after 10 plagues.

Furthermore, consider the patriarch Joseph, who met his end in the Egyptian desert at the age of 110. His story took an intriguing turn when his bones were transported into the Promised Land following the Exodus, symbolizing a journey from one realm to another. Similarly, in the realm of Major League Baseball, there are twelve playoff teams, just as there are 12 tribes of Israel, but only one will emerge victorious in the World Series, mirroring the notion of a chosen few destined for glory.

Finally, on August 11th, the Arizona Diamondbacks’ playoff odds were only 13%, and prior to the season, Baseball Prospectus’s PECOTA projection system predicted them to win only 74 games. Clearly, the prior probability of them reaching the World Series is incredibly low. The myth-parallel hypothesis is obviously the better explanation of the data. If you believe that the 2023 baseball season is genuine, you are clearly an unscrupulous and blind apologist.

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