Getting a Little Personal: How You Can Support Me

Hey everyone, At the time of me writing this, I’ve been seriously blogging for about 15 months. When I started out, I wasn’t sure if I’d get more than 100 readers per month. Since then… My articles on the blog have reached 118,000 views. I’ve also repurposed my content on Quora and Medium and have received an additional 90,000 views. I’ve had the opportunity to write articles for,,, and I’ve had apologetics “heroes” of mine like Lee Strobel, J. Warner Wallace, and others share my articles on their social media pages. My Facebook page reaches an average of 75,000 people per month and has over 3,100 followers and is growing. I … Read more

No, the Argument From Miracles Has Not Been Debunked – a Reply to Rationality Rules (Pt. 1)

Is the argument from miracles full of fallacies? Popular atheist YouTuber ‘Rationality Rules’ argues that’s the case. Rather than examining miracles on a report-by-report basis, he opts to say that the case for miracles is doomed from the start. This reasoning follows the tradition of the famous 18th-century philosopher David Hume. For those of you who aren’t into YouTube, Rationality Rules has had his channel since March of 2017. In that short time, he’s gained over 200k subscribers and has had nearly 15 million views. There’s a cottage industry of channels similar to his and we shouldn’t underestimate their influence. These are sharp skeptics making entertaining and digestible videos packed with thought-provoking content. As believers, … Read more